5 Reasons to feature Star Maps in your Gift Guide [+ Free Star Map]

by Ashley Gibbons
Want to feature Designed With Meaning Star Maps in your Gift Guide?

Writers and gift guide curators do some of the most important work on the internet. Especially around the holidays! Not only do you research the best and most thoughtful gifts for every kind of person, you organize this information in a way that is easy to use.

Gift guides save people so much time.

So what do this mean for you, awesome writer and/or gift guide curator?

We want to save YOU time!

Below is helpful information I've put together about our Star Maps.

How are Designed With Meaning Star Maps different from other star maps?

  • We include a Proofing & Editing step to ensure the customer loves their design (the color, font choice, wording, etc) before it's shipped.
  • Great Customer Service. Providing an easy and happy shopping experience has been our goal since we started creating personalized designs in 2015. Since we are a small team, we are able to handle any customer issue swiftly without following a larger company protocol.
  • We're a stand alone online design boutique. When you send someone from your community to our Star Maps, they won't be overwhelmed with too many options. After selling on a marketplace for 8 years, Eric and I made it a priority to create a simple and easy shopping experience for every customer here at Designed With Meaning.
  • Made in the USA with archival materials. We truly believe that every order is designed with meaning and we hope the people who hang these designs in their homes enjoy them for many years to come. That's why we've partnered with a print shop in the USA who uses archival printing materials and real wood for their frames.
  • Gift cards. Someone may love the idea of a Star Map but may be unsure of the dates to use or what color or wording to choose. After listening to many customers, we've started offering Gift Cards for all of our personalized designs. It's a thoughtful gift (but also so easy for the shopper).

Want a personalized Star Map sample?

Email me with a short description of your project and I'll send you the Design Details Survey we use to collect Star Map information. You'll receive your Star Map in high resolution JPG printing format.

If you have a question or want to talk more about your project, you can always reach me: hello@withmeaning.com.

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A Star Map for every story

If you're celebrating 1 person or a family of 10, 1 day or your favorite days, here's a design for you.