Designing Atlas Art for your Home? 5 Tips to Know.

by Ashley Gibbons

5 Tips for Designing Mt Atlas Art for your Home

In my experience, having photos and artwork hanging up in my home inspire me. Life can throw us curve balls, and every day you may not wake up feeling your best - I've had many mornings like this!

But, if I pause and focus on a happy photo of our family or see beautiful artwork that reminds me of a special place, my mind and heart shift into a gratitude state.

Over the years since I'm started a gratitude practice, I've gotten faster and faster at switching from a grumpy mood to a more peaceful one. This is due, in part, to my practice of looking at the visual reminders I have hanging up around the house.

What does this mean for you?

It can be easy for you, too, to create your own visual reminders of the love and happiness you have in your life.

Whether you're a person who loves to travel or you prefer finding beautiful places close to home, below are 5 things to consider when creating inspirational Atlas Art for your home.

1. Make sure you love it!

We offer (and encourage) you to review a proof of your design before it's finalized. This gives you an extra chance to double check the maps and make sure you love how the words appear in the design. If you don't love an aspect of your design, we're happy to edit it.

2. Color

Did you know we can design your Atlas Art with any background color? While we offer the most two popular background colors (White & Black) we can also do custom colors through a specific #hex code.

3. Design Layout

How many special locations do you want to include? If you're highlighting your engagement, wedding and honeymoon, this may include three locations. If you're designing a print to remember you European backpacking trip, you might have any 10+ places to include. Our Atlas Art collection can include 1-13 different locations.

4. Want a piece that's ready to hang?

If you're adding an Atlas Art print to your gallery wall, you may want to order an unframed print and use a frame you already have. If you want artwork that comes ready to hang, we offer 3 options:

  • Framed Prints
  • Wrapped Canvases
  • Framed Canvases

To simplify choices at checkout, we have streamlined our frame color options. But if you need a specific frame color, email us to see if we have a color and style that would work for your space.

5. Materials

As you cultivate a home you love, you may be paying attention to the materials you use in your decor. Our designs are printed with archival materials so you can love them for many years to come. Framed prints and framed canvases use real wood (versus a wood composite) and are hand-made by our printing partner. There's also a peaceful feeling knowing your artwork is made in America and designed by a small wife & husband team.

I hope these 5 tips for designing Atlas Art for your home are helpful! Did I forget anything? Email and tell me if there is a tip I should add to this list. You can reach me:

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