Mummy's Coffee Crisis: Cheeky Artwork to Fuel Your Fall

by Ashley Gibbons

Confession time: Lately, every time the first autumn breeze rustles through the leaves, my fingers instinctively reach guessed it, my trusty coffee mug.

I mean, can you blame me? The moment those hues of oranges, reds, and golds start painting the trees, and darkness starts to fall a little earlier every day, there's do I put it?

An itch.

An itch to dive into the overwhelming to-do lists that seem to multiply during the fall season.

Pumpkin patches? Check.

Hayrides? Double-check.

Beginning to even think about winter holidays while it's still September? Oh, absolutely. And between you and me, it does leave one feeling a bit, well, "unraveled."

But here's the thing: That morning coffee ritual? It's not just a wake-up call anymore. It's a lifeline. It's that warm hug on chilly mornings, that energy jolt when days seem endless, and honestly, it's the unsung hero that's seen us through countless autumn seasons and beyond.

And that's when it hit Eric and me: What if our coffee mugs told more of our stories?

Cue our latest design, "Unraveling Without My Coffee." A cheeky, relatable mummy clinging to its own morning cup of joe. It's the kind of design that makes you chuckle, nod in agreement, and go, "SAME."

The Inspiration? Well, let's unwrap that.

Life has layers, much like our friend, the mummy. As the festive rush of Halloween, Thanksgiving, and dare I say, Christmas (!) engulfs us, this design is our little tribute to those moments when we're all just seeking a bit of caffeinated salvation.

It's light-hearted, fun, and speaks to the spirit of Halloween and that universal feeling of, "Okay, world, just let me have my coffee first."

So, with this year's autumn rolling in, embracing its flurry of activities, let this "Unraveling Without My Coffee" mug be more than just a vessel. Let it be your witty companion, echoing your (tired/sleepy/overwhelmed) sentiments and holding onto your beloved brew.

Here's to pausing, sipping, and immersing in the magic of fall, one yummy cup of coffee at a time.

Cheers, and may your coffee be strong and your autumn be magical!

P.S. It's decision time! Which medium speaks to you the most?

Is it the snugly warmth of our sweatshirt?

The fun mug?

Or the cozy tee you can layer for those cool / hot / cold fall days?

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Whichever mediums you choose, you'll get a few laughs, nods, and SAME!