I've always loved finding the perfect gift. I live for that moment when I can imagine them seeing the gift and knowing they feel the love and thought that went into finding it. But in a season of festive activities and more on our plates, finding it takes time and doesn't guarantee gifting success. I love putting guides like this together so you can have more time for the things you love... and keep shopping simple. As it should be.

xoxo, Ashley

Canine Couture: 2023's Premier Gift Selection for Dog Lovers

Heavyweight Tee
The Forever Fido Artwork Relaxed Fit Heavyweight T-Shirt is a stylish celebration of your canine companion, perfectly blending comfort and personalized flair. This wearable art features continuous line art of your chosen breed (choose from over 180+!). The shirt is made from 100% Ring Spun US Cotton, and the artwork is imprinted on a Comfort Colors tee using durable Digisoft printing technology. With its relaxed fit and softness, it's perfect for a trip to the dog park or snuggling with Sir Barksalot. Customize it with the Pup's name, a heartfelt message, or funny anecdote only dog lovers would understand—a thoughtful gift for dog lovers and something to make them smile whenever they wear it.
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Pendant Necklace
A classy dog-loving lady needs an equally elegant gift celebrating her favorite Pup. This personalized necklace features exclusive art of her favorite dog breed - and an option to make it more personal with text engraving on the front and back of the pendant. The piece is made from durable stainless steel and plated in your choice of gold, silver, or rose gold. Imagine her surprise when she opens this bespoke necklace - a token to celebrate her love of dogs (or one very special dog in particular).
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Woven Blanket
The Forever Fido Artwork Woven Blanket is a cozy homage to your furry friend, merging comfort with a personal touch. This piece of home artistry showcases continuous line art of your chosen breed from an extensive selection of over 180+. Woven with premium quality threads, this blanket is crafted for warmth and durability. It's perfect for curling up on the couch or laying out for a picnic with your beloved pooch. Personalize it with your dog's name, a touching message, or an inside joke known only to fellow dog enthusiasts—a considerate gift that wraps dog lovers in the warmth of their bond with every use.
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Crafted sustainably using OEKO-TEX certified low-impact dyes, our Forever Fido Artwork Classic Fit Hoodie wraps you in the cozy embrace of slow fashion. Plus, every sweatshirt is custom-made to order! In this luxurious blend of Polyester and US Cotton, feel the warmth of your cherished canine's companionship. It’s not just a comfy way to celebrate your love for Fido; this classic fit hoodie is a gentle hug for those chilly times when your pup needs to do his business. Its soft, brushed interior is bound to garner compliments, featuring continuous line art of your chosen breed. This wearable art piece, available in a palette of 16 colors, is durable, heartwarming apparel that remains resilient wash after wash - because we know dog hair loves people clothes. Want to customize this hoodie more? Add your dog's name or a heartwarming reminder that she's a Best Friend, Forever Loyal, or always By My Side.
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Lightweight Tee
Sure, you don't have to be a trendsetter when you're walking to your favorite coffee shop - but it sure does feel nice when you are. And as far as stylish t-shirts go, this artful and comfortable Forever Fido Artwork Retail Fit Lightweight T-Shirt is right up there; your dog-loving friend is bound to love them. This chic and comfortable tee is made from a blend of soft, airlume combed, and ring-spun cotton. Featuring the art of continuous line art of your chosen breed (available in over 180+ options!), this lightweight Bella + Canvas Tee is designed for a modern, tailored look. The retail fit ensures it's a perfect choice for casual outings or coffee shop visits. Make it bespoke with Ms. Wiggles' name, a special message, or a humorous quip that only fellow dog enthusiasts will appreciate. With 14 color options and seven sizes to choose from, there is something for any dog lover.
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Baseball Cap
Step out in style and showcase your canine affection with our Forever Fido Artwork Baseball Cap. Whether you opt for the soft, 100% Cotton Twill Cap, the trendy Trucker Cap, or the laid-back Distressed Trucker Cap, each choice offers a fashionable tribute to your furry friend. Each cap features a unique sublimated vegan leather patch, displaying artwork of your chosen dog breed. Available in 38 hat colors and 10 patch colors, have fun designing a hat for weekend errands or one for every day of the week. Plus, it's a fun and stylish way to connect with fellow dog lovers wherever you go.
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Dog Tag Necklace
If he doesn't have one yet, it's time to accessorize your dog-loving friend with a custom Forever Fido Artwork Dog Tag Necklace. It won't take long for him to realize the meaning of this gold, silver, or rose-gold plated dog tag. This piece celebrates the special bond that dog caretakers understand. It features continuous line art of your preferred breed on a durable stainless steel tag. Make it personal with Fido's name, a touching message, or a memorable date. Then, engrave the back with a date of adoption, an iconic dog quote, or any other heartfelt message to make this piece truly one-of-a-kind. Trust us: He'll soon be obsessed keeping his pooch close to his heart.
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Woven Pillow
Embrace the charm of your furry friend with our Forever Fido Artwork Woven Pillow. This home decor gem features continuous line art of your selected breed, chosen from over 180+ options. Crafted with a comfortable blend of cotton and polyester, it brings a touch of personal flair to any space. Each pillow, measuring 17x18 inches, can be personalized with your dog's name or a special message, making it a heartwarming addition to your home or a thoughtful gift for a fellow dog lover. Perfect for cozy cuddles or as a stylish accent, this pillow is a testament to the love you share with your canine companion.
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Transform your daily beverage ritual into a heartwarming experience with our Forever Fido Artwork Double-Sided Mug. This mug is perfect for any time of the day, whether you're sipping morning coffee, enjoying an evening herbal tea, or a hot festive holiday drink. This mug's function meets style. Your chosen artwork (choose from over 180+ popular breeds and unique cross-breeds!) is printed on the 11oz or 15oz mug. They're microwave-save and easy to clean, so pop them into the dishwasher for use the next day. A thoughtful gift for any dog lover, add Mr. Bones' name for a more meaningful touch.
For a timeless gift that your dog loving friend can get a whole lot of use out of over many years, opt for Forever Fido Artwork Classic Fit Sweatshirt. This gorgeous and durable sweatshirt is not only soft on the inside, but it looks great while featuring her favorite dog. Every sweatshirt is custom made to order (hello eco-friendly slow fashion!) with exclusive continuous line art and a custom saying - like a personal message (Forever in my heart); an iconic quote about dogs (Loyal always) or the dog's nickname (Little Paws). Whether she's running to the pet store to get another chew toy or wants to take a piece of her heart on her next dog-free vacation, this sweatshirt will immediately become her go-to.
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Knit Cap
Embrace the winter chill with flair using our Forever Fido Artwork Knit Cap. Choose between the classic Knit Cap or the playful Pom Pom Knit Cap, each offering a cozy way to display your love for dogs. Adorned with a unique sublimated vegan leather patch featuring your selected dog breed, these caps blend warmth and canine tribute seamlessly. Available in a versatile one-size-fits-most design, they are perfect for daily wear or as a thoughtful gift for dog enthusiasts. Showcase your canine affection and style in a snug, personalized cap that's ideal for any dog lover's outdoor adventures.
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Wall Art
Transform your home into a gallery of love and loyalty with our Forever Fido Artwork Wall Art. This customizable art piece lets you celebrate the unique bond you share with your pet, offering over 180 popular and unique dog breeds in a distinctive continuous line art style. Choose a vibrant, colorful backdrop or a more refined grayscale palette to match your personal decor perfectly. Tailor the artwork more with two display options: a single, impactful image or an elegant four-quadrant layout. With 5 mediums to choose from, all you really have to do is grab a hammer and nail and decide where this artwork will shine.
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Canvas Tote
Embrace your love for dogs with the Forever Fido Canvas Tote Bag. Made from 100% cotton canvas, this tote combines functionality with a personal touch. Its dimensions of 14.5 x 16 inches, complemented by 21.5-inch handles, make it ideal for everyday use. Choose to showcase your favorite dog breed artwork on the front, back, or both, turning this bag into a statement piece. Machine washable for easy care, this tote is not just practical but a stylish way to carry your essentials while celebrating your furry friend.
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You Still Might Be Wondering...

What are some ways to add a personal touch to dog lover gifts?

Eric Gibbons, the artist behind the Forever Fido collection, believes deeply in the power of personalization to elevate a gift. "Personalization isn't just about adding a name or a date," Eric explains. "It's about celebrating the unique story of each dog and their companion." Every piece in our collection offers customization options - and most contain highly personalized elements. This is where art meets storytelling. We also include several personalization ideas to make it easy to craft a gift that carries a deeper, personal meaning.

How does our small business approach enhance the personalization of dog-themed gifts?

As a small husband and wife team, we understand the value of gifts that resonate on a personal level. We recommend considering the dog’s personality and the owner’s lifestyle in your selection, whether it's comfortable apparel, jewelry, or home decor. These items, reflective of the special bond between a pet and its person, aren't just delightful and practical - they are part of our mission: making art easily accessible to celebrate life's meaningful relationships, especially the love of a pet.

Are gift cards available for your meaningful dog-themed products?

Absolutely! For those who like supporting small businesses like ours, we offer gift cards as a perfect gifting option. This way, you can give the dog enthusiasts in your life the joy of selecting their own personalized Forever Fido piece. Whether it's bespoke apparel, custom necklaces, or distinctive home decor, a gift card lets them choose the perfect piece to celebrate their furry companion.