Photo Guest Book on Canvas in Walnut Frame

Photo Guest Book on Canvas in Walnut Frame

Photo Guest Book on Canvas in Walnut Frame

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Prompt Dispatch
Handmade in United States, ships in 2 days.

Crafted from cotton and walnut

- Handmade to order
- Gicleé Printed Premium Fine Art Canvas
- Protective laminate coating
- Walnut wood float frame with 2" depth
- Back is finished with paper backing, hanger, and bumpers

Made in United States
Designed by Eric Gibbons
Product reference: DWM444_GB0007

How many signatures will fit? Below are estimates; can vary based on who is signing.

  • 12x12": up to 30 signatures
  • 16x16": up to 50 signatures
  • 20x20": up to 125 signatures
  • 24x24": up to 175 signatures
  • 30x30": up to 250 signatures
  • 36x36": up to 350 signatures

Pen Recommendations:

  • Pilot G-2 Gel Pen

A laminate coating will be applied to the canvas to protect from scuffs, scratches, cracking, and UV light. Lightly dust print with soft dry cloth.


  • Complimentary shipping to the United States and Canada.
  • Refer to our shipping page for delivery outside of these locations.


  • Being made-to-order, we cannot accept returns of personalized items in the traditional sense. But we are committed to your satisfaction. If you have any concerns or issues with your order, please get in touch with us within 14 days of receipt of your order.

The Meaning Behind

Eric Gibbons draws upon the intimate narrative of a couple's journey, transforming the traditional guest book into a vessel of personal storytelling. Capturing a photograph that speaks volumes of their love, this guest book becomes a visual ode to the couple's shared history and the connections they've forged along the way.

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