Flower of Remembrance

The Forget-Me-Not

Flourish in the beauty of lasting connections. The Forget-Me-Not Collection honors this timeless emblem of remembrance, a symbol of enduring love and friendship that bridges hearts across time. Embrace the essence of being unforgettable, flourishing in the genuine connections that make us who we are.

    The Meaning Behind the Forget-Me-Not Collection

    Here blooms a testament to the enduring nature of love that can transcend time and space. Traditionally exchanged between loved ones and friends and used to mark the passing of a special life, forget-me-nots symbolize a promise of love and friendship beyond this physical world. Designer Eric Gibbons captures this ethereal beauty and symbolism and also asks us to go deeper—lest we forget about the one we can truly know (ourselves). This collection invites you to celebrate the notion of love and friendship, to remember the people who leave imprints on our hearts, and never to forget to spend time getting to know the one and only you.